Some families have been coming to Advanced Dentistry of Plantation for generations, and Drs. Marc and Eli Schwartz continue to help them maintain healthy, beautiful smiles. Our dentists build long-lasting relationships with patients, and our staff does whatever it takes to help each patient have an exceptional dental experience. Below, we have provided testimonials from some of our general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry patients who visit from Fort Lauderdale, Weston, and Davie, and have been so happy with their experiences here that they felt compelled to express their gratitude in writing. Please contact us to set up an appointment.

“Thank you for the beautiful flowers. They made me smile all day and feel like a princess.” – Ivana

“I was thrilled to find your staff to be caring and calming. And you all bent over backwards to make me comfortable.” – Meghan

“To Dr. Schwartz: Thanks for the smile.” – Cecil

“The team made me feel like family from the very beginning.” – Sherwin

“My husband thinks he married a movie star.” – Jacqueline

“I know things happen for a reason, and before long I was the gal walking out of your office with a smile that would be the envy of any Hollywood starlet.” – Valerie

“Thanks to you and your staff for the royal treatment.” – Connie

“I feel like a new person!” – Brian

“Who would believe that going to the dentist could be a pleasant experience?” – Elliot

“Your diligent effort and expertise gave me a new, great smile and great-looking teeth.” – Paula

“Just a quick note to let you know how happy and satisfied I am with the work you did on my new beautiful crowns.” – Otto

“I just wanted to express my thankfulness for your emergency dental assistance.” – Brian

“There are no words to thank you for all that you do and have done for our young men and women (missionaries).” – Wynn and Joyce

“You're gentle, kind, and wonderful.” – Rhoda

“Thank you for giving me a 'Colgate' smile for my wedding!” – Frankie and Daryl

“Not only does it match my other teeth perfectly, but it also feels very natural.” – Jeff

“I love to smile, and so you are responsible for the fact that I continue to do so.” – Patricia

“Thank you for your professional assistance in straightening my teeth.” – Steve

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget what you have done for me.” – Wendy

“You should be very proud of the practice that you have established.” – Gus

“I especially like the way you treat people as it relates to fear of pain and making your patients feel so at ease.” – Richard

“I can't thank you enough. You have truly changed my life.” – Shanna

“The great staff at Dr. Schwartz's office always gave me support and praise, and it was a rewarding experience.” – Pat

“Smiling is enjoyable again. I didn't realize how much I missed smiling until I started enjoying it again. Thank you, Dr. Schwartz, for helping me see what I have been missing.” – Robert H. - Weston

“I just wanted to let you know how thoroughly pleased I am with my new bridge. It feels very natural and I have no problems with biting or sensitivity.” – Jeff S. - Plantation

“Congratulations, Dr. Schwartz, on your son's acceptance to dental school. You are the only dentist I have ever seen, and we are glad you can keep it in the family.” – Lisa W. - Sunrise

“I had such a wonderful experience as your patient and wanted to write to you about it. Your staff is very warm and friendly and made me feel comfortable from the moment I entered the office. This a testimony to the way you treat your employees, with care and respect. You all work as a happy team.

“Your immense skill is evident and you are extremely professional and fair. You take pride in your work, serious about what you do and yet you are warm and always smile. You managed to put me at ease, which is a difficult task when I sit in a dentist's chair. Thank you so much for making me smile so beautifully.” – Dr. Iris Drelich

“I am writing this letter to compliment you and your staff on the wonderful service you provide. I have been a patient of yours for over 15 years and couldn't imagine going to another dentist. I actually look forward to coming in every six months to see all of you.

“Approximately six years ago I had to have veneers placed on three of my front teeth and was a little nervous about how they may look. I could not be happier with the outcome, and anyone that knows that I have had them done can't believe it. They look so real and are a perfect match to my other teeth. I get compliments on my teeth frequently. I see all the makeover shows doing veneers now and I can't say that any of the work looks nearly as good as yours. I always watch the show and am thankful that you did my work. I look forward to many more years as your patient and want to thank you for all you have done.” – Lisa Hogans

If you are in need of cosmetic or implant dentistry in the Fort Lauderdale area, contact Advanced Dentistry of Plantation today. Drs. Marc and Eli Schwartz see patients from Weston, Aventura, Sunrise, and Davie.